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If you are interested in posting a job, please simply send us an email with the copy of your text. Note how the other postings are worded to get an idea of how to best structure your post. Please do not send a PDF flyer with images. We will only copy and format text from an email or Word document. No images are used. Be sure to include your contact information and email. You can include links to other pages if you wish.

We reserve the right to edit, deny or delete any posting that is deemed inappropriate, illegal or otherwise unacceptable for any reason. The posting will remain on the website for a 3 month period or until you ask us to remove it – whichever is first. If the position does get filled, we would appreciate you letting us know. If it was an SGSU member we wish to publicize the member’s appointment in our web site and newsletter.

We view this as a member benefit therefore the SGSU does not charge for this service. However, to sustain our capabilities and support our programs, we ask that you consider a contribution to the SGSU if you receive a job placement as a result of a lead from our web site. The amount is up to you but as a guideline a contribution of $500 or more is suggested. Your contribution will also be acknowledged. Thank you.

Click here to send us your job posting via email