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  • USAV- organizational affiliation with SGSU was approved to allow the USAV to fall under 501c6 status and be in compliance with AUA organizational standards for an independent organization.
  • Mark your Calendars for Boston in May!

Our next meeting is planned for Sunday May 14 in Boston (during AUA) from 13:00-16:00 and business meeting from 16:00- 17:00. Location: Westin Boston Waterfront, Douglass Room
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  • USAV- bylaws posted for comment (see below) - please provide feedback so the membership can approve at the meeting in May.


Draft Mission Statement (for member feedback):

The mission of the Urological Society for American Veterans (USAV) is to optimize the genitourinary care of the American veteran via scientific discussion, education, and fellowship with all government-service urologic providers. The USAV hosts a VA Forum on a yearly rotating basis on Sunday afternoon at the AUA meeting to discuss topics relevant to urologic diseases in American veterans and the coordination and optimization of their care, in addition to addressing specific needs of federal-service urologists, practice management and post-service related conditions in veteran health care facilities. This meeting provides a forum for VA urologists and allied health GU providers to discuss all elements of concern to urological government health care. The USAV is not an official government sanctioned or funded organization.


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