Travel restrictions update

Update on Government Travel Restrictions from the American Society of Association Executives

Thanks to those of you who have already signed on to ASAE’s open letter to Congress. The letter urges Congress to revise legislative language attached to separate bills in both chambers that severely restricts government employees from attending meetings and conferences held by associations, nonprofits and other private sector organizations. (Read the amendment language here)

The response has been outstanding. More than 800 organizations have signed on to ASAE’s letter to date.

If you have not done so already, please take action and add your voice to the hundreds of associations, nonprofits and for-profit corporations who want to preserve the valuable interchange between government and the private sector at meetings and conferences.

If not revised, the provisions passed separately by the House and Senate last week could greatly impact attendance at many meetings and conferences and further erode the important dialogue between federal agencies and the private sector.

You can help ASAE’s efforts on this issue in three ways:

Thank you again for your strong support on this issue. If you have any questions about these provisions or ASAE’s related advocacy efforts, please contact them at 202-626-2703 or