The James C. Kimbrough Memorial Award for the best paper presented by full-time Resident as determined by a panel of Visiting Professors. There will be one award given for the best clinical paper and one award for the best basic research paper.   At the discretion of the judges a second place and/or honorable mention award may be presented in each category.  To be eligible for the award a resident must fulfill one of the following 3 criteria:

    1. Army, Navy, and Air Force residents in military urology residency programs.
    2. Urology residents in military deferred or sponsored positions.
    3. Residents in government service affiliated urology residency programs (VA, PHS, IHS, joint programs) when a co-author of the paper/presentation is a dues paying SGSU member in good standing.


Colonel, Medical Corps, United States Army, 1887-1956

Colonel Kimbrough was the “Father of U.S. Army Urology”.  A native of Madisonville, Tennessee, he graduated from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in 1916 and entered the U.S. Army Medical Corps in July 1917.  He served a total of forty-one months in Europe during World Wars I and II.  His career from 1921, was spent almost exclusively as Chief Urologist in many Army hospitals and included four tours, totaling eighteen years, at Walter Reed General Hospital where he initiated the urology residency program in 1946.  His military awards include a MOS prefix of “A”, Bronze Star, Legion of Merit, Purple Heart, and a Meritorious Service Citation from General Pershing.  He was immediately recalled to active duty after his statutory retirement in 1948.  In 1953 an Act of Congress appointed him a Permanent Consultant in urology at Walter Reed.  In addition, COL Kimbrough was a Diplomat of the American Board of Urology, a member of the American Urological Association (AUA), a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and a member of the American Medical Association.  He served as President of the Mid-Atlantic Section of the AUA from 1955 to 1956.  From 1949 to 1950 he was President of the Washington, D.C. Urologic Society.  He held honorary memberships in the Western Section of the AUA, Royal Society of Medicine of London, Academic de Chirugie of Paris and Alpha Omega Alpha.  Colonel Kimbrough was a 32d degree Mason and Shriner.  His intense interest and enthusiasm in Urology made him an authority in the field of urologic oncology; he contributed fifty-eight papers to the urological literature.  In 1953 this seminar was established in his honor.  In 1957, after his death, the official name became the James C. Kimbrough Urological Seminar.  On 29 June 1961, Kimbrough Army Hospital, Fort George G. Meade, was dedicated to his memory. Read published biography

Previous Distinguished Award Winners

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1958 MAJ A.A. Borski, USA Fitzsimons Gen Hospital
1959 LT Carter E. Carlton, USN Baylor U. College of Med
1959 CPT Frank E. Ceccarelli, USA Brooke Gen Hospital
1960 CPT Herbert Levin, USA Walter Reed Gen Hospital
1961 CPT Richard C. Macure, USA Brooke Gen Hospital
1962 LCDR R.M. Busch, USN San Diego Naval Hospital
1963 CPT Richard Finder, USA Walter Reed Gen Hospital
1964 MAJ Mauro P. Gangai, USA Walter Reed Gen Hospital
1965 MAJ Thomas Shown, USA Letterman Gen Hospital
1966 LCDR Robert E. Julian, USN US Naval Hospital, PA
1967 MAJ Robert Wright, USA Brooke Gen Hospital
1968 MAJ John C. Wurster, USA Tripler Gen Hospital
1969 MAJ Joseph A. Bruckman, USA Tripler Gen Hospital
1970 MAJ Davis F. Gates, USA Tripler Gen Hospital
1971 MAJ Charles T. Swallow, USA Brooke Gen Hospital
1972 CPT Tarver B. Bailey, USA Walter Reed AMC
1972 MAJ Peter A. Leninger, USA Walter Reed AMC
1973 MAJ George E. Deshon, Jr., USA Walter Reed AMC
1973 MAJ Gerald L. Levisay, USA Fitzsimons AMC
1974 MAJ H. David Cox, USA Walter Reed AMC
1974 LTC Jan Hull, USA Brooke AMC
1975 MAJ Shannon McMillen, USA Madigan AMC
1975 LCDR Clifford J. Nemeth, USN National Naval Med Ctr
1976 MAJ Phillip H. Beck, USA Letterman AMC
1976 MAJ Patrick W. Kronmiller, USA Madigan AMC
1977 MAJ William D. Belville, USA Walter Reed AMC
1977 MAJ David W. Bentley, USA Fitzsimons AMC
1978 MAJ Victor J. Kiesling, USA Letterman AMC
1978 Torrence M. Wilson, USA Fitzsimons AMC
1979 Maj Jack R. Pence II, USAF Wilford Hall MC
1979 MAJ Rene Sepulveda, USA Walter Reed AMC
1980 MAJ George G. Mygatt, USA Tripler Army AMC
1981 LCDR Kathryn S. Buchta, USN Naval Med Ctr, San Diego
1981 MAJ Gary A. Wikert, USA Brooke AMC
1982 MAJ Louis R. Cos, USA Univ of Rochester MC
1982 Capt August Zabbo, USAF Cleveland Clinic Foundation
1983 Capt Robert G. Ferrigni, USAF Wilford Hall MC
1983 CPT Ian M. Thompson Jr., USA Brooke AMC
1984 Capt Stephen M. Dresner, USAF WA Univ, St. Louis, MO
1984 CPT Julius L. Teague, USA Brooke AMC
1985 LCDR Thomas F. Huisman, USN Naval Medical Ctr, San Diego
1985 CPT Thomas A. Rozanski, USA Madigan AMC
1986 CPT Judd W. Moul, USA Walter Reed AMC
1986 CPT Thomas A. Rozanski, USA Madigan AMC
1987 LCDR Thomas J. Stilwell, USNR Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
1987 LT Harold A. Frazier II, USNR Nat'l Naval Med. Ctr.
1988 Capt Anurag K. Das, USAFR Duke Univ Med Ctr
1988 LT Jeffrey Twidwell, USNR Naval Medical Ctr, San Diego
1989 MAJ Kurt L. Hansberry, USA Brooke AMC
1989 CPT Leonard G. Renfer, USA Madigan AMC
1990 Cancelled (Desert Shield/Storm)
1991 Capt Wilfred S. Kearse, Jr USAF Wilford Hall MC
1991 MAJ Timothy K. Dixon, USA Brooke AMC
1992 CPT Richard W. Knight, USA Madigan AMC
1992 MAJ Donald J. Lewis, USA Walter Reed AMC
1993 Maj M. David Bomalaski, USAF Wilford Hall MC
1993 Maj Thomas M. Seay, USAF Wilford Hall MC
1994 Capt R. Duane Cespedes, USAF Wilford Hall MC
1994 MAJ Joseph Y. Clark, USA Brooke AMC
1995 Capt Jay T. Bishoff, USAF Wilford Hall MC
1995 CPT Ted O. Morgan, USA Walter Reed AMC
1996 Capt Jay T. Bishoff, USAF Wilford Hall MC
1996 CPT Raymond S. Lance, USA Madigan AMC
1997 Maj John G. Anema, USAF Wilford Hall MC
1997 LTC Rhonda Cornum, USA Brooke AMC
1998 Maj John G. Anema, USAF Wilford Hall MC
1998 MAJ George B. Stackhouse, USA Walter Reed AMC
1999 LT Melody A. Denson, USN University of Iowa
1999 Capt Kyle J. Weld, USAF University of Tennessee
2000 LCDR Prodromos G. Borboroglu, USN Naval Medical Ctr, San Diego
2000 Capt Michael L. Gallentine, USAF Wilford Hall MC
2001 MAJ Kevin J. Gancarczyk, USA Walter Reed AMC
2001 Capt Barak Perahia, USAF Wilford Hall USAF MC
2002 Capt Ann S. Fenton, USAF Wilford Hall MC
2002 Capt Kenneth H. Ferguson, USAF Wilford Hall MC 2004
2004 Capt Eric J. Hick, USAF Wilford Hall MC
2004 MAJ Stacey G. Koff, USA Walter Reed AMC
2005 MAJ Mark Noller, USA Brooke AMC
2005 CPT Thomas Novak Walter Reed AMC
2006 MAJ Inger L. Rosner Walter Reed AMC
2006 LT R. Chanc Walters Naval Medical Center San Diego
2007 LT Alison M. Lake, USN University Of Michigan Medical Center
2007 LT R. Chanc Walters, USN Naval Medical Center San Diego
2008 CPT L. Andrew Evans, USA SAUSHEC*
2008 LT Alison M. Lake, USNR University Of Michigan Medical Center
2009 CPT Chad DeRosa, MC, USA Walter Reed Army Med Center, Washington, DC
2009 Capt Forrest C. Jellison, MC, USAF Loma Linda University Medical Center
2010 LCDR James C. Nederosteck, MD, MC, USN, EVMS Norfolk, VA
2010 LCDR Matthew Christman, MC, USN, NMCSD Balboa
2011 CPT John Mancini MC Duke University, Durham, NC
2011 LT Will Patino, DO, NMCSD
2012 CPT Timothy Tausch, MD, MC, USA Madigan Army Medical Center, Tacoma, WA
2012 MAJ Patrick McDonough, MD, MC, USA Madigan Army Medical Center, Tacoma, WA
2014 CPT Nicholas J. Kuntz, MD, MC, USA Duke University, Durham, NC
2014 CPT Ryan W. Speir, MD, MC, USA Madigan Army Medical Center, Tacoma, WA
2015 CPT Raffaella DeRosa, MD, MC, USA Tripler Army Medical Center, Honolulu, HI
2015 CPT Nicholas J. Kuntz, MD, MC, USA Duke University, Durham, NC
2016 MAJ Stephen Overholser, MC, USA Univ of Texas Health Science Ctr San Antonio, TX
2016 LT Travis C. Allemang, MC, USN Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, Norfolk, VA
2017 CPT Jonathan Wingate, MC, USA Madigan Army Medical Center, Tacoma, WA
2017 CPT Tara K. Ortiz, MC, USA Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC
2018 LT Chad Pusateri, MC, USN Naval Medical Center San Diego, San Diego, CA
2018 Capt Theodore R. Saitz, MC, USAFR Oregon Health & Science Univ, Portland, OR
2019 CPT Bradley Potts, MC, USA
2019 CPT Alexandria Hertz, MC, USA
2020 LCDR Nathan Oehrlein, MC, USN
2020 CPT Bradley A. Potts, MC, USA