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Kimbrough Meeting Library Links - 2023 Tucson, AZ

Includes pre-recorded presentations via video and PowerPoint/PDF and live recorded content

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Thursday, January 19
1 Introduction and AUA Keynote Address Raju Thomas, MD, AUA Immed. Past President
2 Resident Competition 1: Infertility various
3 Resident Competition 2: Transgender various
4 Resident Competition 3: BPH/Stones/Gen Urology various
5 Resident Competition 4: Kidney various
6 Manthos Resident / Young Urologist Luncheon - "Leadership in the Military and Beyond"
General Kevin Kiley, MD / Hal Frazier, MD - Moderator: CDR Erik T. Grossgold, MC, USN
7 Symposium - Considerations for the Timely Use of PROVENGE. Supported By Dendreon. Judd Moul, MD
8 Resident Competition 5: Reconstruction various
9 Resident Competition 6: Oncology various
10 STATE OF THE ART LECTURE: Contemporary Management of the ‘End Stage Bladder’ in Genito-Urinary Cancer Survivors. Andrew (Drew) C. Peterson, MD, MPH, FACS
Urological Society for American Veterans (USAV)
Robert Grubb, MD, President
Friday, January 20
21 Sexual Medicine - Part 1 various
23 SMSNA SUPPORTED STATE OF THE ART LECTURE: Changing Paradigms in the Diagnosis and Management of Erectile Dysfunction. (at 25 min mark) Mohit Khera, MD, SMSNA President
24 CME SYMPOSIUM - Cracking the Code for Improved Patient Outcomes in Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma. This activity is supported by independent educational grants from Merck and Exelixis. Eric Jonasch, MD, Professor of Medicine at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Sexual Medicine - Part 2
ISSWSH SUPPORTED STATE OF THE ART LECTURE: Unusual Sexual Dysfunctions in Women that are Not so Unusual: Genito-Pelvic Dysesthesia.
Irwin Goldstein, MD & Sue Goldstein, AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator Clinical Research Manager, San Diego Sexual Medicine
25 BPH Session including State of the Art Lecture:
HoLEP- The Best a Man Can Get.
Marcelino E. Rivera, MD, Fellowship Director of the Endourology Fellowship, Indiana University
26 Stones Session
Mini-Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy Technique.
Austen Slade, MD
27 Residency and Leadership Session

Urology ACGME Updates

COL (Ret) Timothy Brand, MC, USA
Saturday, January 21
33 State of the Army, Navy, AF, USAV various
37 Male Incontinence


Dr John Allen Pacey MD FRCSc, Honorary Professor Of Anesthesia, University of BC Medical School
38 Oncology Session various
39 GURS SUPPORTED STATE OF THE ART LECTURE: Present and Future of Urethroplasty. Hunter Wessells MD FACS, President Elect, Society of Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgeons, Professor & Chair, Dpt. of Urology, Univ. of WA
40 CME Lunch Symposium: Advancing the Treatment and Care of Patients With Advanced or Metastatic UC via Immunotherapy and Targeted-Therapy Approaches. Sandy Srinivas, MD
Professor of Medicine and Clinical Research Group
Leader for Urologic Program,
Stanford University Medical Center
41 SGSU Business Meeting various
42 Pelvic Session / Prostate Cancer including 
Neuromodulation TroubleshootingEXPERT POINT - COUNTERPOINT'
Kathleen C. Kobashi, MD, MBA, FACS
Chair, Department of Urology
Houston Methodist Hospitaland various
43 Renal Masses Session

STATE OF THE ART LECTURE: Does Formal RPLND Prolong Survival in RCC Patients with Limited Nodal Involvement?

Kevin Rice, MD

and varioius

49 POSTER SESSION (includes 2 minute Podium Presentation) / LITTRELL AWARDS CEREMONY various
Sunday, January 22
58 CME Breakfast Symposium: Evolving Treatment Concepts and New Data in Advanced Prostate Cancer. This activity is supported by independent educational grants from Sanofi, AstraZeneca and Merck. Tanya Dorff, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine at City of Hope
59 Military Readiness and Preparedness Course various