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Whether you are a urologist, resident/fellow or allied health pro (PA, NP, APP) and involved in the government services arena  (VA system, active or retired military, training, etc.)....the SGSU is your community.

We focus on achieving your professional goals and building professional relationships in the government services urology field.  Providing the education and resources you need to better serve your patients is our top priority.


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Benefits to membership include:Resident Presentation winner Tara Ortiz, MD

  • Inclusion in the only society that represents and educates all urologists and related professionals involved in federal service, past or present.
  • Discounted registration to attend and participate in the annual James C. Kimbrough Urological Seminar.
  • Free sign-up for our Mock Oral Boards to help you prepare for the big day.
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  • Awards, recognition, leadership and career opportunities, CME, and mock oral boards and lifelong learning among your peers.
  • Advocacy and representation on your behalf at the AUA level and in the services of the federal work force.
  • Opportunities to build your network and develop lasting relationships with colleagues, experts and other professionals in the field of urology who share your interests and can further your goals.

Annual Dues:

• Active Duty Military – $100

• Active Member (ret. military or other) - $150

• VA (currently employed) - $125 (Joint membership with USAV available)

•  USPHS/Indian Health Service (currently employed) - $100

• Resident – $0

• Allied: APP, NP, Health Prof., Admin. – $100

Membership Categories

Active membership is open to any physician who presently serves or has served the Federal Government in any capacity as a Urologist, including Consultants.  Full membership is open to any civilian physician actively involved in the training of active duty military urology residents or fellows, as determined by the SGSU Board of Directors.  All Active Members are required to pay annual dues.   All Active Members may hold office and are entitled to vote on issues presented to the general membership at the annual meeting.
Residents in Federal Government Urology Training Programs or Federal Government sponsored Civilian Urology Training Programs are eligible for membership.   Resident Members are exempt from paying dues, but are entitled to vote on issues presented to the general membership at the annual meeting. Resident membership is not eligible to hold office.
NP’s and PA’s who presently serve or have served the Federal Government in any capacity, are eligible for membership. These members are required to pay annual dues, and are entitled to vote on issues presented to the general membership at the annual meeting. Allied membership is eligible to hold office.
Those who have been an active member in good standing of the Society for 25 years or more and are over the age of sixty-five and are fully retired are eligible for Senior Membership.  Senior Members are exempt from paying dues, but are entitled to vote on issues presented to the general membership at the annual meeting. Senior membership is eligible to hold office.
Honorary and Corporate Memberships may be offered to friends and supporters of the Society by election of the Board of Directors.   Any Active, Resident, or Senior Member may make recommendations for this membership.  Honorary and Corporate members shall not be entitled to vote or hold office.

Read our By-laws for more information


  • Sung  Alexander, MD - Augusta, GA - Active
  • Ramaiah  Indudhara, MD - Brawley, CA - Active
  • Ramaiah  Indudhara, MD - Brawley, CA - Active
  • William F. Knight, MD - Weaverville, NC - Active
  • Kathryn Ann Lipscomb, MD - Portsmouth, VA - Active
  • Seth Paul Olcese, MD - Fort Bliss, TX - Active
  • MaryEllen  Pace, MD - Greensboro, NC - Active
  • Blake Allen Tucker, MD - Galveston, TX - Active
  • Brianna L Walter, MD - Fort Gordon, GA - Active
  • Scott  Epstein - Natick, MA - Allied
  • Matthew Paul Christian, MD - San Diego, California - Resident
  • Jessica  Clark, MD - Sewell, NJ - Resident
  • Ryan Luke Fraizer, MD - San Antonio, TX - Resident
  • Isabel  Gibson, MD - Lakewood, WA - Resident
  • Hannah  Johnson, MD - San Diego, CA - Resident
  • Scott H Kivitz, MD - Bethesda, MD - Resident
  • Alexander  Lo, MD - Ft. Sam Houston, TX - Resident
  • JOSIAH  LOW, MD - San Diego, CA - Resident
  • Ross Daniel Luther, MD - Tacoma, WA - Resident
  • Vikram  Lyall, MD - Lebanon, NH - Resident
  • Trevor J Maloney, MD - Bethesda, MD - Resident
  • Sierra  Pence, MD - Rochester, Minnesota - Resident
  • Colin L Smith, MD - Jacksonville, FL - Resident
  • Piragash  Swargaloganathan, MD - Bethesda, MD - Resident
  • Kayla Ryan Turner, MD - Fort Sam Houston, TX - Resident
  • Monica Ellis York, MD - Bethesda, MD - Resident



  • Eric Adams, MD - Bethesda, MD - Resident
  • Armand Allkanjari, MD - Durham, NC - Resident
  • Gopal Badlani, MD - Salisbury, NC - Active
  • Alexa Ryanne Bianchi, MD – Greer, SC - Resident
  • Michael A Bork, MD - El Paso, TX - Resident
  • Theodore Cisu, MD - Richmond, VA - Resident
  • Ryan Luke Frazier, MD - Bethesda, MD - Resident
  • Thomas Gerald, MD - Fort Belvoir, VA - Active
  • Stephen Lee Guice  III, MD - Charlotte, NC - Active
  • Zhengran Jiang, MD – San Diego, CA - Resident
  • Brittney Knotts, MD - Chevy Chase, MD - Resident
  • Victoria Maxon, MD - Honolulu, HI - Resident
  • Paul David McClain, MD - Jacksonville, NC - Active
  • Mohammed Naji Mohammed Obad, MD - Sanaa, Sanaa - Resident
  • Nathan Oehrlein, MD - Bethesda, MD - Resident
  • Renga Samy, MD - Fremont, CA - Resident
  • Helal A Syed, MD - San Antonio, TX - Resident
  • Blair Townsend, MD - Charlotte, NC – Resident



  • Travis Allemang, MD - Jacksonville, FL - Active
  • Amanda S. Bliss, PA - Gainesaville, FL - Allied
  • Benjamin Croll, MD - Coopersburg, PA - Resident
  • Miriam Greenstein, MD - New York, NY - Resident
  • Heather L Huelster, MD - Nashville, TN - Resident
  • Michael V Hughes, MD - New York, NY - Resident
  • John F McCauley, MD - Bethesda, MD - Resident
  • Jacob McFadden, MD - Bethesda, MD - Resident
  • Tavis M Shaw, MD - JBER, AK - Active
  • Alan Joel Stein, MD - St Louis, MO - Active
  • Kelly Lynn Stratton, PA - Oklahoma City, OK - Allied