Kimbrough Meeting “take aways” – 2017 San Diego

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Dr. Tim Brand Take Home Points

  • Enzalutamide is easy to prescribe but causes fatigue. – Ray Lance, MD
  • Corynebacteria are bad for prosthetics.  -Jesse N. Mills, MD
  • Primary care should refer everyone with psa >1.5 ng/dl to urology for risk assessment (using sophisticated biomarkers) for clinically significant prostate cancer.  -E. David Crawford, MD
  • “If you are not trying to get ahead, then you’ve already decided that you’re going to fall behind.” – LTC Alex Ernest, MC, USA
  • Survivorship care plans are useful and can improve focus on patient quality of life after oncologic treatments. -Ryan P. Terlecki, MD
  • John Barry, MD has not only mastered renal transplantation, but quite possibly, every aspect of life. – Audience, after viewing the “Tips and Tricks” talk
  • Transgender management is complex and can affect soldier readiness. – LCDR Eric T. Grossgold, MC, USN
  • Docetaxel should be used sooner rather than later in advanced prostate cancer. – Evan Y. Yu, MD
  • Surgical Volunteerism is hard work but very rewarding. – Kurt McCammon, MD, FACS

Dr. Thomas Hatch Take Home Points

  • There is not a statistically significant increase in tumor progression or recurrence in those patients who experienced a delay in the initiation of BCG. – Andrew Franklin, Columbia, MO.
  • Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy can be used to improve male fertility. – Amanda Reed-Maldonado, San Francisco, CA
  • Your success as a leader can be measured by the success of those who work with you. – Lt. Gen. Bernie Mittemeyer.

Dr. John Barry’s Top Five BEST of Kimbrough 2017

  1. GU Bowl Official Tailgate Party
  2. “Lt. Gen. Mittemeyer… The REAL Bernie” – BGEN James (Tom) Turlington
  3. Men’s Health Panel discussions –  COL. Robert C. Dean
  4. “Implementing and Managing a Multidisciplinary Prostate Cancer Clinic” – LTC Timothy C. Brand
  5. “Biomarkers and Risk Stratification in Prostate Cancer” – E. David Crawford.