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Kimbrough Meeting Library Links - 2022 Rancho Mirage, CA

Includes pre-recorded presentations via video and PowerPoint/PDF and live recorded content

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Thursday, January 27, 2022
1 AUA Keynote Address Scott Swanson, MD
2 Preparedness of Urology Residents During COVID-19. Maj Jessica Saeger, MC, USAF
3 Financial Impact Of Urologic Conditions In Men And Women In Belize. Capt Clinton Yeaman, MC, USAF
4 Utility of SelectMDx and Multiparametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the Detection of Prostate Cancer: A Retrospective Single Center Analysis. 03 Cassandra Lyons, MC, USA
5 MRI-TRUS Fusion Biopsy: Early MTF Experience. CPT Zachary Seymour, MC, USA
6 Comparing Artificial Urinary Sphincter (AUS) Outcomes In Men With And Without Prior Sling Surgery. LT Brian Vaught, MC, USN
7 Racial Disparities in Female Reconstructive Surgery Procedures. MAJ Toritsetimiyin E-nunu, MC, USA
8 Non-CME Symposium - Elevate Care in Advanced Prostate Cancer. Bryan Mehlhaff, MD
9 Pathological Effects of Renal Ischemia After Partial Nephrectomy in the Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) Model. LT Chloe Michel, MC, USN
10 APUL Study: Apple Cider Vinegar for Prevention of Urinary Lithiasis. Benjamin Baker, MC, USN
11 Manthos Resident / Young Urologist Luncheon
Career Transition, Contract Review, Career Search Support, Practice Setup, & Academic Practice Leadership
Roger G. Bonds, MSB, FMSD, CMSR (President/ CEO of
12 Decreased Percent Change In Renal Pelvis Diameter Characterizes Unilateral Uretero-pelvic Unction Obstruction Compared To Normal Kidneys On Diuretic Functional Magnetic Resonance Urography. CPT Daniel Mecca, MC, USA
13 Association Of Neuropsychiatric Diseases With Bowel And Bladder Dysfunction. LT Ryan Gillis, MC, USN
14 Nephrectomy For Unilateral Nephrogenic Hypertension: A Systematic Review. LCDR Charles Rinehart, MC, USN
15 Predictive Factors For Surgery And Urinary Tract Infections For Upper Pole Pathologies In Duplex Kidneys: A Retrospective Review From The Mid-Atlantic Pediatric Consortium. Capt Clinton Yeaman, MC, USAF
17 Is the Use of Loop Preferable to Cold Cup Biopsy for Treatment of Patients with Suspected Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer? CPT Leah Williams, MC, USA
18 Diabetic Bladder Dysfunction in Akita Male Mice Progresses Directly to an Underactive Phenotype. Maj Armand Allkanjari, MC, USAF
19 Retrospective Long-Term Cohort Analysis of Urologic Malignancy in Microscopic Hematuria Patients After Initial Negative Evaluation with CT Urography and Cystoscopy. Capt Helal Syed, MC, USAF
20 Operating Characteristics of Sperm Concentration and FSH for Predicting Chromosomal Abnormalities. LT Colin McClain, MC, USN
Friday, January 28, 2022
21 Stuttering Priapism: A Rare Manifestation of Underlying Malignancy. 03 Cassandra C. Lyons, MC, USAF
22 Conversion of Low-Flow to High-Flow Priapism: Diagnostic and Management Strategy. 03 Cassandra C. Lyons, MC, USAF
23 SMSNA SUPPORTED STATE OF THE ART LECTURE: Management Challenges and Guidelines in Recurrent Ischemic Priapism. Hossein Sadeghi-Nejad, MD
24 NON-CME Symposium:  An Evolved Perspective on NUBEQA® (darolutamide) in Non-Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer (CRPC). William Aronson, MD
25 ISSWSH SUPPORTED STATE OF THE ART LECTURE: Female Sexual Medicine: Our Role as Urologists. Rachel Rubin, MD
26 CME Lunch Symposium -Navigating the Continuum of Care for Advanced Prostate Cancer (mHSPC, CRPC). Matthew B. Rettig, MD
27 Bifid Diphallia Reconstruction. LT Colin A. McLain, MC, USN
28 The Utility Of Peripheral Sacral Neuromodulation As Part Of A Clinic Protocol For Children With Refractory Bowel And Bladder Dysfunction. Santhosh Donepudi, MD
29 State of the Art Lecture: Pediatric Urology Update for the General Urologist. Antoine Khoury, MD
30 Deep Venous Thrombosis In Urologic Surgery. LT Matthew Christian, MC, USN
31 Robotic Approach to Segmental Ureterectomy for Proximal Upper Tract Urothelial Carcinoma. CPT Brittney Murray, MC, USA
32 Robot-Assisted Repair of Complex Benign Distal Ureteroenteric Strictures Following Radical Cystectomy. CPT Victoria Maxon, MC, USA
Saturday, JAN 29
33 State of the Army COL Joseph Sterbis, MC, USA
34 State of the Air Force Lt Col Christopher Allam, MC, USAF
35 State of the Navy CDR Erik Grossgold, MC, USN
36 State of the USAV Muta Issa, MD, MBA
37 Intra-peritoneal Bladder Perforation Presenting As Small Bowel Obstruction In Patient With Chronic Indwelling Catheter. CPT Timothy W. Wright, MC, USA
38 State of the Art Lecture: Histological Variants: Diagnosis and Treatment. Siamak Daneshmand, MD
39 Testicular Cancer In the MHS: Epidemiology, Diagnosis and Treatment. Captain Tarah R. Woodle, MC, USAF
40 State of the Art Lecture: Testicular Cancer: What’s New in Staging, Prognosis, and Therapy. CAPT Sean Stroup, MC, USN
41 GURS SUPPORTED STATE OF THE ART LECTURE:  -  Genitourinary Trauma Management: Insights from the Multi-Institutional Genitourinary Trauma Study Group. Jeremy Myers, MD
42 CME Lunch Symposium: Shifting Paradigms in the Management of Advanced Urothelial Carcinoma. Ulka Vaishampayan, MD
43 State of the Art Lecture: Medical and Dietary Approaches to Kidney Stone Prevention. Manoj Monga, MD
44 RAPNx in Patients with Small- Intermediate Renal Masses. Richard E. Link, MD, PhD
Active Surveillance in Patients with Small-Intermediate Renal Masses. Jaime Landman, MD
45 Microwave Ablation of the T1a Small Renal Mass: Expanding Beyond 3 CM. Christopher Ballantyne, MD
46 Urethral Stricture/Stenosis as a Complication of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound of the Prostate (HIFU): What is the Overall Patient Experience? CPT David Barham, MC, USA
47 State of the Art Lecture: Urethral Stricture Diagnosis and Treatment. Joel Gelman, MD
48 Genitourinary Management and Follow-Up for Patients with Stevens-Johnson Syndrome/Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis. CPT Gina T. Baaklini, MC, USA
49 A Rare Case Of Symptomatic Patent Urachus In An Adult Managed With Surgical Excision. LT Paolo Q. Rigo, MC, USN
50 Post-Coital Gross Urethral Bleeding From Cowper’s Gland Syringocele. LCDR Timothy J. Algiers, MC, USN
51 Standardized Protocol for Voiding Cystourethrogram: Are Recommendations Being Followed? CPT Brock E. Boehm, MC, USA
52 Robot-Assisted Laparoscopic Excision of a Giant Multilocular Prostatic Cystadenoma. CPT Jonathan S. Yu, MC, USA
53 Rare Cause Of Male Infertility: 46, XX DSD In A Phenotypically Male, Sry-positive Patient. ENS Cameron Barruga, MC, USN
54 Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction In The Elderly: Is Pyeloplasty A Safe Option? 2LT Isabel Gibson, MC, USA
55 Segmental Infarction Of The Testes In Active Duty Male Soldier. CPT Timothy W. Wright, MC, USA
56 Zinner Syndrome: A Common Presentation Of A Very Uncommon Congenital Malformation. LT Ryan Craig, MC, USN
57 Late-Stage Primary Renal Angiosarcoma: An Extremely Rare Cancer Complicated by COVID-19 Postoperatively. 2LT Reilly Carr
Sunday, JAN 30
58 6-Month Luteinizing Hormone-Releasing Hormone Formulations Are A Good Choice During The Covid-19 Pandemic And Beyond. Judd Moul, MD
59 Novel Digital Health Engagement Application in the Setting of Prostate Cancer. Leigh Mack, MD, PhD
60 Evaluating Use Of Cognitive-fusion Prostate Biopsy In The Diagnosis Of Clinically Significant Prostate Cancer. CPT Melissa Smith, MC, USA
61 Nocturia- Sleep/Circadian Rhythm. Stacey Koff, MD
62 Andrology Update. Mohit Khera, MD
63 PCOR Priorities for AS Research. Minhaj Siddiqui, MD
64 Challenges in Bladder Cancer Management at VA Medical Centers. Jennifer Taylor, MD
65 Outcomes related to differences in PSA velocity in African American patients is not related to upgrading Jenna Winebaum, Jonathan Hill, Stephen Savage, Robert Grubb
66 Salvage and Primary HIFU outcomes – MEDVAMC HEAT registry query Zachary Kahlenberg, Ali Antar, Jeffrey Jones
67 TCGA- Testicular Germ Cell Tumor interim clinical correlations to the molecular analyses Rodney Boit and Austin Kinley, Gui Godoy, Jeffrey Jones
68 Veterans Prostate Cancer Awareness Summary.
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Michael Crosby, MD
69 Summary and USAV Update Report.

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Muta Issa, MD, FACS, MBA