Kimbrough Award Winners – 2016 San Antonio

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Congratulation Winners!

2016 James C. Kimbrough Awards


Clinical Research Awards

1st #10 MAJ Stephen Overholser, MC, USA
2nd #1 CPT Jonathan T. Wingate, MC, USA
3rd #14 MAJ Matthew C. Kasprenski, MC, USA


Basic Science Awards

1st #5 LT Travis C. Allemang, MC, USN
2nd #15 LCDR Randy K. Sulaver, MC, USNR
3rd #4 CPT Jason Sedarsky, MC, USA


Poster Session Winners

1st #41 2LT Bradley A. Potts, MSC, USA
2nd #40 MAJ Stephen Overholser, MC, USA
3rd #43 COL Robert C. Dean, MC, USA


Honorary Lifetime Membership Award

for lifetime dedication and service to the SGSU.

Presented to: Martin L. Dresner, MD


 HG Stevenson Award

for outstanding support and dedicated service to the SGSU.

Presented to: MAJ GEN Thomas P. Ball, MD, USAF RET


Prince Beach Award

for best paper (#19) presented by a society member staff physician as judged by chief residents.

Presented to: LCDR Eric T. Grossgold, MC, USN


Clare Scanlon Award

for outstanding administrative support and service to the society with respect to the annual Kimbrough Seminar as determined by the Course Director.

Presented to: Maria Salazar